John T. Montgomery is a writer and member of the ACFW. He first started writing at age seventeen for his high school newspaper. He lives with Nelly, his wife of 32-years in Lawrenceburg Indiana. Johnís passion is to create a series of fantasy/fiction novels based on legendary biblical and fictitious characters and their direct intervention with the human race.
        Since they were toddlers, Stephen James and Leah Mitchell had been raised by Real Immortals.  Their adopted parents were immensely powerful angels chosen to protect humanity against the relentless threat of demonic destruction.

        Chamuel, Stephen's adopted father is forced to choose between saving Stephenís life and defending his sanctuary home.  He is taken prisoner by Legion the most dangerous demon immortal on earth.  Legion's plan is simple, use Chamuel as bait to lure out and defeat the Archangel Michael in the ultimate battle of good vs. evil.

        With the help of their paladin friends, Stephen and Leah race to free his adopted father before it is too late.  But Stephenís unexplained past is suddenly revealed and threatens to destroy everything he has worked so hard to create. His mysterious beginning is exposed, and he unexpectedly comes face to face with his once immortal mother! Can Stephen find it in his heart to forgive the woman who abandoned him at birth?
The hidden world of Real Immortals is about to be revealed!
The first installment in John Montgomery's debut fantasy/fiction saga is NOW available in paperback, Kindle & ebook
Available NOW in paperback
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Real Immortals